Saturday, 24 March 2018


I'm off to Auckland this afternoon.
The Old Girl has booked us to see Candide this evening, Leonard Bernstein's operetta as done by Opera New Zealand, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the Freemasons New Zealand Opera Chorus. Should be great fun.

The story of Candide (from Voltaire's novel of the same name is of 'mindless optimism' in a greedy and unforgiving world. Sounds like the premise of a John Oliver Last Week Tonight show in Trumpland.


Coincidentally I'm also going to Auckland to sign sale documents for our Auckland apartment.
We got news yesterday afternoon that an offer is in which we've accepted so if all goes well the apartment is sold and will change hands at the end of April.

Of course that means that The Old Girl will be homeless in Auckland. We'll miss the apartment, particularly the view but we need to downsize to clear the mortgage. We'll be on the hunt immediately to buy a 1 bedroom apartment for her to use during the week. I discovered an outstanding one in the central city that we can afford. It's an old heritage building with apartments of character with high ceilings. Yesterday I contacted the agents to discover that it's 'under contract'. Bummer!

We'll be like Candide and Cunegonde, naive optimists exploring Auckland's greedy and unforgiving property world.

Friday, 23 March 2018


The Music Curmudgeon stepped in with a new post that is really on behalf of all the curmudgeons of THE CURMUDGEONS INC.ⓒ as the post could easily belong to any of the different themes/personalities. It touches on an issue in our society that is disturbing and that goes largely unreported and unfixed.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


As I was driving around the bays after playing tennis this morning and as I was going uphill a black Holden SS came around a corner on the wrong side of the road as the driver was passing a lorry. He just fucking missed me necessitating a universal one fingered salute from me.

What was wrong with this idiot? He was passing on a blind corner - at a greater speed than the speed limit. I didn't get his rego number being more concerned with avoiding the arsehole (and of course giving the universal one fingered salute).


The New Zealand Transport Agency has taken ownership a lot of the offences relating to driving that were previously incorporated in the old Police offences Act.
In many ways these are a watered down version of what went before and no wonder we have such bad driving on our roads.

See this Fact sheet from The New Zealand Transport Agency:

I prefer the old New Zealand Police Offences 1908:


Furious Driving 
Every person is liable to a fine not exceeding ten pounds Offences by persons who, in or upon any public place, Being the driver, rides on any cart, dray, or wagon without ' reins, no competent person having charge of the animal drawing the same, or is away from his horse or cattle so as to be unable to have the full control thereof ; or acts as driver or has the sole charge of more than one vehicle, unless in cases where two of such vehicles and no more are drawn each by one horse only, and the horse of the hinder of such vehicles is attached by a sufficient rein to the back of the foremost of such vehicles ; or drives any vehicle whatever or rides any animal and, when meeting any other vehicle or animal, does not keep on the left or near side of the road or street, or, when passing any other vehicle or animal going in the same direction, does not go or pass, or does not allow any person desirous so to do to pass, when practicable, on the right or off side of such other vehicle or animal; or furiously or negligently rides or drives any animal or vehicle, or any engine, carriage, or conveyance of any kind; or drives any vehicle laden with any goods or materials which project on either side more than five feet from the centre of such vehicle or, drives or allows to stand any cart, coach, or other vehicle with the curtain, covering, or awnings thereof unfastened and liable to be flapped about by the wind so as to frighten or be calculated to frighten horses ; or being the driver or guard of a public vehicle for the conveyance of passengers, allows more passengers to enter or remain in or upon such vehicle than it is licensed to carry, or wilfully delays on the road, uses any abusive or insulting language to any passenger, or, by reason of intoxication, negligence, or other misconduct, endangers the safety or property of any passenger or other person, or demands or exacts more than the proper fare due from any passenger ; or drives any dog or goat harnessed or attached to any vehicle ; or permits any cattle to be at large, or without proper guidance, or to wander, or to be herded or grazed, or unlawfully obstructs or prevents the driving of any cattle; or sets on, urges, or permits any dog or other animal, whether or not being the owner of such dog or animal, to fight, attack, or worry any other dog, or to attack or worry or put in fear any person or animal, or, by ill-usage or negligence in driving any cattle, causes any mischief to be done by such cattle; or leaves any plough, harrow, cart, or other vehicle without reasonable excuse ; or being in charge of any traction-engine, propels or causes the same to be propelled along or over any public road, highway, street, or bridge, unless the engine is accompanied by two men.


I like the language used in the 1908 version - particularly FURIOUS DRIVING. It seems more pejorative somehow.
Also, as the Holden SS the arsehole was driving has 362 horsepower the old version can get him on 363 counts.



Wednesday, 21 March 2018


 I had an interview for a job last week. I'm superbly suited for the job so, being now elderly I'm sure that I won't get it. The employers will no doubt opt for a younger and less qualified person who they can control. I've mentioned this before. See HERE

I heard today about another job vacancy. CEO of FONTERRA. The present overpaid incumbent has lost well over a billion dollars in the last couple of years (and 350 million in the last six months alone) through his foolhardy actions and yet has still pulled in an eight million dollars per year salary. With this job I think that I'm not at all qualified for it as there's no way in hell that I could lose so much money for a company and, if I'd been doing the job instead of him it's likely that I would have made a profit for them us. Maybe I should apply.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018


You may have noticed that I give Richard of Richard's Bass Bag* a bit of a hard time regarding his preoccupation with matters to do with going to the toilet and his aversion to public conveniences. He has a big trip overseas planned this year and will no doubt have a few anxious moments. At least he's only going to Italy though where they do have adequate facilities. The Romans invented plumbing afterall. It could be worse - he could be going to India or an Asian country where public and even private conveniences are a bit of a challenge.


I read today about Prince Charles that arrogant pompous fool who's been hanging around the Royal Family for seemingly forever. This prat has his own toileting idiosyncrasies as recounted in a new book being released this week. In it there are claims about how he likes to live and travel.  It reveals how he insists on travelling with a complete staff and all his own furnishings, including his own toilet seat and toilet paper.

Maybe Richard isn't so nuts after all. 

* Not the original one - it was called Richard's Bass Bagg previously.

Sunday, 18 March 2018



I've been a bit strange today and I think that it's been due to migraine.
Sometimes migraine symptoms are easy to recognise in the visual aura or headache but today it has been in the inability to read anything that makes sense or to do a crossword or other word puzzle.

Needless to say Richard's posts made absoluteLy no ENse to me And Robert's did - a clear indication that something was wrong.

I suspect that I may have written strange comments on Richard's blog and if so I apologise.

I took some migraine medication which makes me really sleepy. When taking Lynn and our weekend guest, a workmate of Lynn's to the bus this afternoon I got her to drive as I didn't trust myself. I drove home carefully and fortunately made it.

While typing this the letters are 'dancing' a bit so I hope that it is readable. Thank you Mr Check Spelling.

For anyone who hasn't experienced migraine it's like a mini-stroke where it's difficult to read and write and even to form sensible speech. It is I guess, if I was brave enough to imbibe such a thing, like drinking too much 'cleanskin' wine.

Saturday, 17 March 2018


I used to watch this TV Western in the 1960s and am sure that Richard did too. We didn't have a lot of choice in entertainment in those days and generally just watched what was served up on the initially one then two TV channels.


Why BRANDED you may ask? Well a few weeks back Richard decided to add an extra 'G' to his blog Richard's Bass Bag to make it Richard's Bass Bagg. It's sort of like promoting a Lance Corporal with one stripe to a Corporal with two stripes.

Sad I know but the old guy was desperate because of flagging readership and needed to create extra interest *. I was wondering what next? - an extra 'G' and a stripe to make the blog a Sergeant but no, it seems that it got busted down to Lance Corporal again and now only has the one 'G'.

Still, it's been the most exciting happening on his blog for some time.

* (It didn't work as The Bass Bagging Confederation folded soon after)


"Sectare Fidem is our rule,

We'll hold our faith while we have breath.
Loyal to home, church, crown and school,

St Patrick's sons we'll remain to death."

I attended St Patrick's College Wellington in the 1960s and don't remember celebrating St Patrick's day. Everything was blue back then, not green.

Thanks for modelling guys.

 The only thing green as I remember was the jealousy of the kids in the 'G' and lower classes who envied the kids in the 'P' classes.

We did have a statue of old St Pat but it was white as I remember.

Certainly not as flamboyantly gay as this image that richard cherishes hides used in his latest post HERE .


I'm off to Auckland this afternoon. The Old Girl has booked us to see Candide this evening, Leonard Bernstein's operetta as done b...